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Ramon Sitnikov
Ramon Sitnikov

Stainless Steel 6.4 Crash On Startup

I keep having this bug with my SSHIP MW2, on startup it says "Steam has been detected on your computer. If you have the steam version press yes, otherwise press no" It doesn't matter if I press yes or no I start up the game it gets to the first loading screen and the game crashes. I have no other mods installed except for this one and the newest KCC (Oh btw I had this problem before I added KCC as well). I should mention when I freshly installed it the other day it worked right away and I played for an hour - before I played I set the graphics settings to the maximum settings. Lastly, when I load in I get to the loading screen but the images show up but the place where the words are usually at on the loading screen are white bars.

stainless steel 6.4 crash on startup

With the loss of the D-1-A-1100 engine, Isayev began designing a new engine. The RD-1 was completed and tested in October 1944. The general form of the engine was the same as Dushkin's, but with numerous improvements. Isayev fashioned the sections from 12Kh13 stainless chromium steel (13% chromium, 0.12% carbon content). The head had 85 swirling injectors arranged in a honeycomb pattern that promoted improved fuel-oxidizer mixture. It also used a more reliable electric arc starter instead of a glow plug. Isayev also improved the regenerative cooling, increasing the flow rate around the nozzle.


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