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Executive Director | NxtLvl Scouts
Recruiting Coordinator | NUC Sports


I'm surrounded by women! It's no wonder I love football. I have a beautiful wife Amy and our 3 amazing daughters. All my girls are athletes, my youngest Elaine is a competitive gymnast, Mary Katherine is my "stuck in the middle" princess and is a travel soccer player, and my oldest Grace is a die-hard softball player for her high school and travel teams. I’ve coached my two older daughters in their respective sports for many years which is where my love for coaching began. When not wrapped up in football, my ladies are my world! Of all the life lessons I teach my girls the most important one I always want them to remember is The Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated! My love of football began at a very young age growing up next to Coach Ron Earhardt, Offensive Coordinator for the New York Giants. Mr. Earhardt was an Uncle to me so football became more than a game, it was a lifestyle. I went to Clemson University where I met my wife Amy, and graduated in 1999 with a BS in Business Management. I've worked in Corporate America the past 20 years, and in 2018 my love for the game of football inspired me to create GridIron 360 Football Podcast, along with taking a course at The Scouting Academy where I learned how to evaluate NFL football athletes. NxtLvl Football Scouts is the culmination of my life expereiences, my passion for the game, and the hopes of making a difference for generations to come the best way I know how.

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