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My husband and I decided to invest and buy real estate; please tell me the cost of maintaining real estate?



As far as I know, the Maintenance Fee is the principal regular payment. The management company covers expenses for maintaining the pools and common area, repairs, security, and parking. On average, the fee is, as in our example, 60 baht/sq.m. per month. The total is 20,160 baht or €550. A week's rent quickly covers the maintenance fee for the complex. Typically, developers ask to pay the fee a year in advance by bank transfer or at the company's office. Utilities are paid according to meters. If you live in an apartment, keep track of all expenses yourself. On average, 1 kilowatt of electricity costs 4-5 baht, and a cubic meter of water costs 35-40 baht. With reasonable consumption in our example, it will reach 1800 baht or €50. If you participate in the rental program, the management company covers all utility costs. If you have any questions, write to Thailand-Real.Estate. They have catalogs of apartments in complexes with the highest incomes.



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