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Advanced Studies Of The Human Aura: How To Char... [Extra Quality]

Be the real origin of the term what it may,the idea of the human aura is one upon whichall occultists are in full agreement and harmony,and the mention of which is found inall works upon the general subject of occultism.So we shall begin by a consideration ofthe main conception thereof, as held by alladvanced occultists, ancient and modern, omittinglittle points of theoretical variance betweenthe different schools.

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Char...

This aura, so discovered (!) by the scientists,is called by them the "human atmosphere,"and is classified by them as similar tothe radiations of other radio-active substances,radium, for instance. They have failedto discover color in this atmosphere, however,and know nothing, apparently, of the relationbetween auric colors and mental and emotionalstates, which are so familiar to everyadvanced occultist. I mention this fact merelyas a matter of general interest and informationto the student, and not as indicating,even in the slightest degree, any idea on mypart that the old occult teaching, and the observedphenomena accompanying the same,regarding the human aura, require any proofor backing up on the part of material scientists.On the contrary, I feel that materialscience should feel flattered by the backing[14]up by occult science of the new discovery (!)of the "human atmosphere." A little later on,material science may also discover (!) theauric colors, and announce the same to thewondering world, as a new truth.

The advanced occultist also finds much satisfactionin the interest, on the part of physiciansand jurists, in the matter of the influence ofcolor upon the mental, moral and physical welfareof the public. The effect of color uponmorality is being noticed by workers for humanwelfare, occupying important offices.

Due to their unnatural occurrences and mainly stemming from Mr. Satan's claims, around Age 767-Age 774, Earthlings would come to believe that all ki-based techniques are just tricks, however around the time during and after Goku's battle against the evil Kid Buu, people are starting to realize the actual existence of ki through Mr. Satan convincing the Earthlings to "give" him energy to destroy Buu and save the planet, but, however, believing that they are giving their energy to Satan while actually, they were giving it to Goku, sometime after Goku's battle against the God of Destruction Beerus, people started to fanatically believe in supernatural powers mainly only in Mr. Satan, as Mr. Satan claimed that he alone had possessed supernatural powers, and became a "god" and "battled" "Beavis" (Mr. Satan's misinterpretation of Beerus). In the events leading up to Dragon Ball Online, in Age 804, Gohan wrote a book called "Groundbreaking Science" which reveals his studies on advanced martial arts and ki control. As of Age 1000, many Humans fight using ki attacks, including powering up and raising their ki, producing energy waves and spheres, discs, and self-destruction techniques. The Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, founded by Trunks and Goten to educate Earth's newer generation of warriors, focuses on the principle of channeling ki energy through swords. Tien's newly re-established New Crane School focuses on high spiritual damages; in some instances, techniques where the user must sacrifice health to produce the powerful attacks. All playable races, including Humans, can use the Kaio-ken technique, which constantly drains the user's HP (health) and EP (ki).

There remains a high risk of combustion when using KTP laser in a humidified oxygen rich environment especially with high oxygen concentration, charring and adiposity. Extreme caution should be taken to reduce or eliminate these factors when using KTP laser in a shared airway setting. When combining high flow oxygen with KTP laser for upper airway surgery with standard clinical equipment in a real operating room environment the following combinations provided low estimated risk of spark or flame: KTP laser in the pulsed mode with low wattages, minimising lasing time, reducing the oxygen concentration and avoiding lasing adipose or charred tissue. Sparks should not be relied on as reliable indicators of imminent flame. As it is difficult to design a model to fully simulate gas flow in a human respiratory tract and allow for repetitive testing, it is important to conduct further studies by measuring laryngeal oxygen concentration in patients to translate this data into clinical practice. 041b061a72


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