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Vermarco Font Download [UPD]

  • Font InformationGrb Vermarco Rev D (Regular) Fontset:Gerber-Fonts / Grb Vermarco Rev D.otfCopyright:Grb Vermarco Rev D Â Gerber Technology 2016 All Right ResFormat:OpenTypeFont Sources Publisher: Gerber Fonts Test it Character Set

  • &#xf27b Feedback

Size (pt): 14 16 18 24 32 36 48 60 72 Embolden Oblique Wrap Text Fit to Width Link to this page: Your Name * Your email * Subject * Message * Captcha * Send Feedback does not host any fonts for download and we strongly advise against using fonts downloaded from the web, unless you are perfectly aware and respect the corresponding terms of use provided by the font designer and/or publisher. More than that, we make a great effort to keep our font-matching database information accurate and to exclude any fonts violating the copyright of any original design by means of cloning, copying or plagiarism. Please support this effort by sending us your comments or objections for any font that you consider violates the above statement.

vermarco font download


Exensa is the first of our Helvetica alternatives. It's a premium typeface that comes with five distinct weights. This sans serif font also includes web font files that you can use for online projects.

Here's another cool sans serif font worth checking out. Oxford is a modern alternative to the popular Helvetica typeface. The glyphs here have a modern design that's versatile. Use them in just about any project, from branding to magazine titles.

Sleek and contemporary, Noirden is an intriguing Helvetica alternative. This sans serif typeface is a complete font family with six different weights. Each weight also comes with an oblique version too. If you're making T-shirts or logos, try Noirden.

AS Grammatika is a sans serif typeface inspired by both Helvetica and DIN. The designer describes it as a sturdy, low contrast, geometric font. It's hard to disagree with that after using this sans serif font download. The neat lines and five font weights make AS Grammatika one of the top Helvetica alternatives.

CA Saygon Text is both professional and playful. It's also the perfect sans serif font download if you want to experiment. That's because it comes with seven weights and five different stylistic sets. It also supports Cyrillic characters, as well as other languages.

Here's a softer Futura alternative font. It blends the straight and legible lines of Futura with hand-drawn elements. It comes in three styles, all with the same minimal design. Try it for invitations, stationery, or brochures.

Here's a classic and contemporary alternative to Futura. The Konnect font family might be the missing link your projects have been needing. It has a whopping 18 fonts, complete with alternates. The more than 600 glyphs can be used for over 100 different languages.

Noir Pro is a sans serif font influenced by the early 20th century geometric typefaces. The set ranges from light to heavy weights. This typeface is suited for any job! Noir has a rich arsenal of OpenType features for highly professional use and extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek language support.

Lorin is inspired by classic geometric fonts with extra personality. It focuses on aesthetic quality typography. It is suited for any type of application. The font comes in four weights, with formats designed for the web.

Are you looking for a cool sans serif font with a minimal style? Then Berlin is one of your best choices. Its bold and simple lettering keeps your reader's attention and can fit anywhere. The included web font files mean you can use Berlin on the web too.

The fresh Frank typeface is one of the best Futura alternatives on Envato Elements. Its multiple weights and styles make it a useful tool in your font collection. Frank is also multilingual with glyphs for a range of languages. Try it in poster designs or store signage.

Ripple has an interesting effect on readers. This special Gotham font alternative features minimal lettering and neat glyphs. Just like the typeface it's inspired by, Ripple can work for corporate identities or marketing materials. Be sure to check out each of the six included font weights.

Oliviar Sans takes its inspiration from Gotham and other geometric font styles. This pack comes with seven weights, as well as multilingual support. Each glyph works well together, making it a cohesive set of characters for all of your uses.

Sure, it's Normal, but this versatile font is worthy of your consideration. It's minimal and captures attention in the way only a sans serif font can. This Gotham alternative features five weights and web font files. Normal is a great fit for branding.

The contemporary Lorano family of fonts is a pack of gorgeous typefaces for 2022 and beyond. The modern lettering offers a unique look that other Gotham font alternatives don't have. Not only does it come with 13 weights, but each weight has its own oblique as well.

Our last Gotham font alternative is Prox. The narrow lettering of the standard weight steals the show here. Prox can work with small and large sized text settings, meaning everything from business cards to posters would be suitable.

This Times New Roman alternative typeface is a modern classic. Wensley's lettering is elegant and works well as a classy serif font. It's also a multilingual font, which lets audiences around the globe enjoy this bold typeface.

Pierson claims to be an essential serif typeface. For fans of the Times New Roman font, this claim is true. Pierson is a full font family of beautifully crafted glyphs. There's a modern sophistication here that complements packaging, book covers, and marketing materials well.

Zimra shares the same features as Times New Roman. It has a large x-height and short ascendants and descendants. If you are looking for a timeless typeface, this is a beautifully designed option. The set features five weights and includes web fonts.

Cammron is a modern serif font family. This is a great alternative to Times New Roman because of its legibility. The large x-height makes it look very spacious and light. The set features four weights, including a web font kit.

This Times New Roman alternative is fashionable. The Glamour Luxury font family lives up to its name thanks to its narrow lettering and chic serifs. Each font weight comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as non-English glyphs.

We move from the soft curves of Hamlin to the tighter lines of Herz. It's a nice contrast to the former typeface, but it's still one of the best Avenir alternatives. Herz is a minimal font that doesn't need a special occasion to be used. Try it in a brochure or put it center stage on a poster.

Bergen Mono is a bold example of a monospaced font. It's clearly legible and uses attractive glyphs that are completely modern. Bergen Mono also has extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek letter support, making it a multilingual font.

Bergen Text is a family of six fonts. While being a small font family, it has plenty of OpenType features for highly professional use. It includes Extended Latin, Cyrillic (with a Bulgarian character set) and Greek language support.

The Brooklyn font is a modern geometric typeface. This sans serif font is a stylish Avenir alternative thanks to its spacing and thin, even lines. There are four weights included here, and this sans serif typeface also comes with web fonts for online use.

Orion Pro is a quirky font that pulls its inspiration from Swiss typefaces. It's clever and versatile, fitting anything from corporate identities to web publishing. Try out all six included weights to find the style that suits your project best.

Your projects will need anything but a clean slate with Fresh Start. This Proxima Nova alternative font follows in the geometric typeface tradition, but adds its own take on it. The results are a modern, multilingual font fit for most creative projects.

The Pulse sans serif typeface family oozes character. Its short cap height and tall x-height combine to create a unique Proxima Nova alternative that's fresh and modern. Pulse also has multilingual glyphs as well as extra font weights.

"Grotesque" may be in its name, but Mriya Grotesk is a beauty to behold. This sans serif font has neat curves in its lines and a unique personality. It offers your creative work a premium aesthetic that's not too uptight. Thanks to the included web fonts, Mriya Grotesk works in both online and print applications.

Gorga is another grotesque font that's a Proxima Nova alternative. This typeface comes with three weights and a handful of web font files. What really makes Gorga stand out is its geometrical inspiration and its cool ligatures. It's also a useful multilingual font.

The clean and minimal lettering of Equinox is the perfect futuristic alternative to Century Gothic. This sans serif font features multilingual characters and many alternate letters. Triggering the alternates is as simple as toggling your caps lock key.

Sheylla is a simple geometric sans serif typeface. Taking inspiration from fonts like Century Gothic, this alternative comes in four unique weights. It has a full upper and lowercase character set, which includes multilingual glyphs.

Are you looking to make a statement with your titles and headings? Then you'll want to give the Palas font a go. It's simple yet bold with great attention to detail. It also includes an outline alternate alphabet so you can experiment with design.

Silver Thread is a hairline thin geometric sans serif font. It has Art Deco and 1970s elements to it. It's perfect for any project that needs a typeface which evokes elegance and sophistication. The font contains alternate versions for added variety.

This typeface is built on the mathematical purity of geometric circles and squares. While its roots are traditional text fonts, it is redesigned for modern use. This linear sans is highly legible and harmonious, making it suitable for headlines or body text. The set features ten weights. 350c69d7ab


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