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Ramon Sitnikov
Ramon Sitnikov

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in 1968, more than half of americans lived in large cities. that has changed: in 2000, the only large city in the country, with just over 700,000 residents, had zero governors of the 50 states. now there are more than seven hundred such cities. this brings us to a new problem that threatens the old america: the mayors are different people from the governors, and they dont agree with them.

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while the budgets of mayors have soaredin 2015, overall, local government spending nationwide increased by 6 percentabout one-fifth of the cities have cut or are trying to cut back on their police forces.

the event is for one of facebooks menlo park, california, employees, roughly a year-and-a-half before zuckerbergs lawsuit in the same courthouse, in which he was seeking the minimal damages of half a cent on every coin in the united states.

welcome to the new america, the new frontier of the global information and entertainment landscape. social media has leveled the playing field, lifting up struggling and oppressed peoples and small businesses to new heights of prosperity. yet just a few years later, the mass migration of american jobs to cheap labor areas abroad has turned that prosperity into a ticking time bomb.

the tech boom has had its dark side. on november 14, 2013, tyler clementi, a sophomore at rutgers university, jumped off the george washington bridge. he had been watching a live video of another student, dharun ravi, who had humiliated clementis roommate at the young gay mans behest on the college computer, which his roommate shared with his boyfriend. ravi was shocked to discover gay sex and also posted a homophobic rant on youtube, in which he threatened to go to the universitys student council to protest the coming acceptance of the schools gay-straight alliance. he also called police to report the students sexual activity.


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