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Per Capita,The State of Georgia produces the premier high school football talent in the country!

This past Tuesday 4.26 Zack Poff from published an article, State-by-state look at every player selected in the NFL Draft over the last 10 years, which I was immediately drawn to. Since NxtLvl Football Scouts is a newer, nonprofit scouting service based out of Atlanta, Georgia the majority of our current recruits are from the State of Georgia, or our neighboring southeastern states. As we do hope to grow and help student-athletes across the entire country (a Blog post for a future day ;), we are still just in our humble beginnings at present.

That said, I grew up playing football in the northeast and moved to the Atlanta Area before starting my freshman year of high school football. This was in 1990 and I can tell you from personal experience back then the level of play was a whole heck of a lot different - Tougher! And freakishly-sized, athletic dudes for our age. And as things do change over time, living in Georgia since then I've seen nothing but incredible athletes under the Friday Night Lights on just about every field across the State. I'm a passionate fan of college and pro football as well, and I take notice when an athlete is recognized during a game with a pop-up profile pic of him, his name . . . And that he's from Georgia.

In our business, being familiar with the states that produce the top talent is part of the game. California, Texas, and Florida in no particular order are the Top 3 fertile recruiting ground states year-in and year-out, and though there's amazing talent in all of them, they're also 3 of the largest states size-wise, human population-wise, and football recruits population-wise. Now Georgia is right up there typically as the 4th or 5th state for high school football recruiting, but many years back I went on a friendly offensive a little bit in having this State's back when it came to high school football talent. The Big 3 States are all well-and-good, BUT POUND4POUND I'll throw the State Of Georgia up against any of them any day of the week when it comes to who brings the Top Talent.

In Zack's article, his research once again found Florida, California, Texas, and Georgia to be #1 through #4 respectively. But what was most intriguing were the actual number of NFL Draft picks tied to each State, and they are as follows: 1- Florida (326), 2- Texas (284), 3- California (257), 4- Georgia (192). And Keep This In Mind, Georgia doesn't have any big, National High School Football Programs/Academys that recruit the best talent across the United States like Florida and California have (ie- IMG Academy).

So what you're telling me is that there's only a 135 NFL Draft pick difference over the last decade from Georgia being #1 . . . I'll say it again to close, per capita the State of Georgia continues to produce the premier high school football talent in this country!! #POUND4POUND

Check out the link below to Zack's article and see the details of the research unveiled:

And feel free to let us know what you think by dropping a Comment below.

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