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Darkest Dungeon Speed Mod

Darkest Dungeon Speed Mod

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging and immersive turn-based RPG game that pits you against the horrors of the dungeon. However, some players may find the game too slow-paced or tedious, especially when it comes to combat animations, walking speed, scouting time, and raid results. Fortunately, there are some mods that can help you speed up the game and make it more enjoyable. Here are some of the best speed mods for Darkest Dungeon:

  • Faster Darkest Dungeon: This mod increases the animation speeds for combats (melee and ranged, including crits), effects, transitions and walk. If you think the game is a little slow, this mod can help you. All DLC's compatible. For Darkest Dungeon build 24357. You can download it from [Nexus mods] or [Steam Workshop].

  • Perfect Faster Dungeon: This mod made everything relevant in the game faster, but still in a natural gameplay. Faster Combat (faster but no instant animation), Faster Walking (walking speeds up but feels right), Faster Scouting (scouting showing up directly), Faster Raid Results (speed up the end screen results). The perfect sweet spot for faster gameplay. You can download it from [Steam Workshop].

  • Darkest Dungeon Speed-Up-Faster-Gotta Go Fast Collection: This is a collection of mods that allow you to customize your speed preferences. You can choose from different options such as x2 Combat Speed, x3 Combat Speed, No Camera Zoom, Faster Scouting, Faster Walking, and more. You can download it from [Steam Workshop].

These are some of the most popular and useful speed mods for Darkest Dungeon. They can enhance your gaming experience and save you some time. However, keep in mind that these mods are not official products of Red Hook Studios and they may not be compatible with future updates or other mods. Use them at your own risk and always backup your save files before installing any mod.



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