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Professional seller account

A professional account will set you back $39.99 every month, along with some additional referral fees and variable closing fees for every sale. Unlike the individual Amazon seller account, ‘professional’ sellers are not charged an extra $0.99 per item sold. Professional seller accounts also have access to some advertising features, receive in-depth inventory reports, and can run promotions, among a host of other benefits.

The Amazon individual seller account is the basic seller plan. It is cost-effective if you’re selling less than 40 products a month, and the pay-as-you-go model ensures that you’re not spending any extra money. Once you do start selling more than 40 products regularly, you can always switch to a professional selling plan.

This is what many sellers do when starting on Amazon. They start as an individual seller on Amazon to test the waters and gauge the demand for their product. Once sales pick up, sellers switch to a professional selling plan that gives them more tools, information, and the opportunity to win the Buy Box.

Note: Sellers can switch between professional and individual selling plans whenever they want to. The monthly $39.99 fee for a professional selling plan is non-refundable and will not be returned if you switch to an individual selling plan.

With an Amazon individual seller account, your options are limited when it comes to listing optimization and advertising. However, the first step to creating a successful Amazon slot bet 100 business is finding the perfect product. Whether you have a basic or professional account, as an individual seller on Amazon, you have to carve out your niche and sell products that are in high demand.


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