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When you type a URL into your web browser, the browser contacts the server and requests the page. The server then sends the page back to the browser, which displays it on your screen. In order for this process to work, web servers must have two key components:

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When a browser contacts the server, it does so using a network protocol like Hypertext Transfer Protocol (or HTTP, which runs on TCP/IP). The server then processes the request and sends the page back to the browser, again using TCP/IP.

DNS is a global network of servers that translates domain names (like into IP addresses (like When you type a URL into your browser, the browser contacts a DNS server and requests the IP address for that domain. The DNS server then responds with the IP address, and the browser can contact the web server using that address.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (or HTTP) is the network protocol that browsers use to contact web servers and request pages. When you type a URL into your browser, the browser contacts the server using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

IIS is a good choice for those who need a feature-rich web server option. It's also a good choice for those who are looking for tight integration with other Microsoft products, as IIS is designed to work well with other Microsoft technologies.

Jetty is used in a wide variety of projects and products, both in development and production. It is loved by developers due to its long history of being easily embedded in devices, tools, frameworks, application servers, and modern cloud services.

After updating to Catalina, I installed Parallels 15.1 and El Capitan in order to run several older apps. I especially needed to run Abyss web server, Dreamweaver CS6 and Panorama Enterprise 6 for development work for clients - even as most are transitioning to Panorama X.

When a new service worker is registered using navigator.serviceWorker.register, the JavaScript is downloaded, parsed, and enters the installing state. If the installation succeeds, the service worker will proceed to the installed state. If however, an error occurs during installation, the script will instead be banished to the abyss of the redundant state for all eternity (or until you attempt to register it again by refreshing the page).

Because the service worker file is checked on each load, you should configure your server to serve it with a short expiration header (i.e., 1 to 10 minutes). If you give it a very long expiration time, the browser will not check it for changes and will not find out about new service worker versions or new files to cache.

Unless otherwise changed at boot time in the GRUB menu, systemd always starts the The file is a symbolic link to the true target file. For a desktop workstation, this is typically going to be the, which is equivalent to runlevel 5 in SystemV. For a server, the default is more likely to be the, which is like runlevel 3 in SystemV. The file is similar to single-user mode. Targets and services are systemd units.

Many Linux distributions default to installing a GUI desktop interface so that the installed systems can be used as workstations. I always install from a Fedora Live boot USB drive with an Xfce or LXDE desktop. Even when I'm installing a server or other infrastructure type of host (such as the ones I use for routers and firewalls), I use one of these installations that installs a GUI desktop.

I could install a server without a desktop (and that would be typical for data centers), but that does not meet my needs. It is not that I need the GUI desktop itself, but the LXDE installation includes many of the other tools I use that are not in a default server installation. This means less work for me after the initial installation.

openvpn [ --askpass [file] ] [ --auth-nocache ] [ --auth-retry type ] [ --auth-user-pass-verify script ] [ --auth-user-pass up ] [ --auth alg ] [ --bcast-buffers n ] [ --