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What Vitamix Blender Should I Buy

The strange thing about these models is that previously Vitamix stated that Next Gen containers should not be used on Classic bases because they do not have the updated airflow design that cools the motor more effectively.

what vitamix blender should i buy

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With its tall and narrow container, the chef-inspired 5200 may be the best pure blender ever made. This is the reconditioned version of that. Great if you want a Legacy model and don't need pre-programmed settings.

If you have any Legacy containers, an Ascent Series might not be for you: Ascent Series Vitamix blenders are compatible only with SELF DETECT containers. These containers have a small chip inside that the Ascent Series base looks for and requires to run. In other words, an Ascent Series cannot blend with Legacy containers. So if you have a fleet of containers from a Legacy model, you may want to get another Legacy Vitamix while you still can.

The Vitamix ONEONE is the best Vitamix for most people who live alone. While it is limited to classic blender tasks (smoothies, shakes, etc), it outperforms every Vitamix alternative at that price point.

If you are doing any of those listed above today, then yes, you should get another container. Get a Dry Grains, or a 48-oz (this one for Ascent; this one for Legacy), or a 20 oz (starter kit for Ascent; PCA for Legacy).

When you make purchases using a link to from our site, you get free shipping and we should earn commissions (at no extra cost to you). That helps support our work and is greatly appreciated. ?

Which Vitamix is the Best (Vitamix Comparison and Buying Guide)! A Vitamix comparison of 5 different models and answers to many questions about buying a Vitamix blender, such as: Do I need a Vitamix? Which Vitamix to buy? Should I buy a refurbished Vitamix? Where to buy a Vitamix? And so much more!

Important note: This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are completely my own and are in no way prompted by the Vitamix corporation. I have received many blenders through collaborating with Vitamix over the last almost 3 years.

One of the questions I get asked most often is, "Which Vitamix is the Best?" Since I use my Vitamix in so many recipes, and firmly stand by my opinion that the Vitamix is the only blender a person should spend any money on, I wanted to take the time to very thoroughly answer that question, and many others that go along with buying a Vitamix.

This was the very first question I googled when I was trying to decide which blender to purchase 8 years ago. I read many articles, and Ritch watched many YouTube Videos where people blended outlandish things in each blender to see what would happen. And all of them pointed me in the same direction, Vitamix truly is the best blender. Here are the reasons I chose (and still choose everyday), Vitamix:

The Vitamix Explorian E-310 Blender is the most basic, classic model, and very similar to my first blender (the Vitamix 5200). This is the perfect blender for those who are budget-conscious but still want a great machine.

The Vitamix S-30 blender is a smaller version that comes with two different blending containers, 1) a 20-ounce container that becomes an instant travel cup with flip-top lid and 2) a 40-ounce container. This blender is great for a person who is the sole blender user in his/her household.

The Vitamix Ascent 3500 Series blender is the blender I have been using multiples times a day for the last two years. It is my BFF in the kitchen and I absolutely love it. It is a total powerhouse, has all the bells and whistles, is "future proof," and looks gorgeous sitting on the counter. It's basically the "Mercedes" of Vitamix blenders. Here are the pros and cons of the Ascent 3500 Blender.

One word. YES. The Vitamix reconditioning process and inspection process is incredibly thorough. They will absolutely not let a blender be sold as "reconditioned" unless it meets the highest Vitamix standards that are applied to new blenders. Here are a few benefits of buying reconditioned.

I just happened upon your blog while looking for green smoothie recipes. Two years ago I beat Colon cancer, now recently I have been diagnosed with Follicular Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. I have had two rounds of chemo and have four more to go. Just trying to do what I need to do to beat this as well. The information has helped me and I will be purchasing a Vitamix blender and also try some of your delicious looking recipes. Glad I stopped by.

This will be an important purchase for me. I am 73 on a very limited budget. My home of 44 years burned and I am replacing many appliances and having to size down because of the price of materials and availability. I ground my own corn meal from organic non gmo pop corn. I am also not very technical or computer smart. Which vitamix grounds corn and what attachments do you recommend.I am a bit of a health nut. I fast once a week and do intermittent fasting most days. I did have my own hens for eggs, a garden, and fruit trees until the fire. I am now living in an apartment.Thank you,Vicki

This was the blender that made me a Vitamix fan for life. My very first Vitamix! The Professional Series 750 is truly a classic and what you see pictured above is the machine I purchased myself nearly 8 years ago. It has a start/stop button, variable speed control dial with program settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, dips and spreads and self-cleaning.

The A3500 is the top of the line in the Ascent Series, so you could opt for less features and save money with three other Ascent Series models. Just know that all Ascent Series blenders include self-detect technology, which is amazing.

Vitamix blenders - including the Vitamix Ascent A2300i - can blend hot soups, make frozen desserts and knead dough, while NutriBullets are designed for making smoothies, sauces, dips, nut butters and dressings (all of which Vitamix blenders can do, too).

The Vitamix is best for cooks who want one appliance to do lots of different things and for those who need to make lots of different blender recipes in bigger batches. Its selling point is definitely its versatility.

Hacker explained that in most cases these blenders are hardly used at all. The majority of the products stem from returns made at major retailers. She confirmed that Costco and QVC are the primary sources, and the blenders have been owned for less than two years.

Essentially, though, they're a way for Vitamix to sell you a particular blending "experience," not a specific model. In other words, Vitamix won't commit to reserving an exact blender model for you. What it promises to provide is a collection of blending features and controls.

Each blender collection, or "experience," is organized by its level of sophistication. The higher the price, the more automatic blending modes and settings you expect. No matter which blender you get, it should do the job. In fact, Vitamix says the real difference between its blenders boils down to usability and control.

After owning the Vitamix for 2 years, I was fed up and ready for a change, so I ordered a new (not refurbished) Blendtec Total Blender and have not looked back since. There are SO many things I prefer about this blender, primarily:

Note: I purchased both of these blenders with my own money and have had no contact with either company (especially not for this review). The links to purchase the blenders are affiliate links, so we will receive a small portion of your purchase if you should choose to shop using our link.

Sorry, I totally disagree. Vitamix is the superior product. I have owned several models of each Blendtec and Vitamix machines. The integrity of the Vitamix machines are far superior to those of Blendtec machines. Blendtec jars/container are also inferior as compared to Vitamix containers. I encourge anyone considering buying a Blendtec or Vitamix blender to actually do a physical comparison of each before purchasing. Those of you who have access to the Consumer Reports website should check out their unbiased blender ratings. Make a note of what machines they recommend before making a decision.

You failed to mention vitamix has a 7 year warranty and the best customer service. Usually they will replace the container and tamper when accidentally broken once for free. Also if you use the tamper, your vitamix will not smoke or shut off. As with any electronic product it comes with instructions, a DVD, and great online resources to those you how to use it. If you read the manual or wondered what the tamper was for, you would know the need to use it for nut butters, frozen fruit, etc.

I have had a vitamix for over 30 years! I have some trouble occasionally with the motor struggling to get the frozen stuff ground but have found if I put in a little at a time instead of dumping all, it handles it much better. Also the store, Sur La Table, has a fabulous silicone spatula just for blenders like the Vitamix. The very end of it is slightly curved so it can scoop anything out from under and around the blades and it is longer than the Vitamix container. And yes, I do not know what I would do without the tamper! I love my Vitamix but was happy you reviewed both as I have heard much about the BlendTec and have been wondering about it. 041b061a72


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