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Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Is Now Officially Available To Test

The Chrome browser is evergreen - meaning it will automatically update itself,sometimes causing a breaking change in your automated tests. We with links to download aspecific released version of Chrome (dev, Canary and stable) for every platform.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser is now officially available to test

Please advise me how to get rid of microsoft edge from my pc once and for ever. This browser is useless for me. Every time I get uninstalled windows will update and screw up my PC. all is send to the cloud even my personal files I want to keep on my computer

Sometimes you might want to modify the list of browsers that are found before running tests. For instance, you web app may only be designed to work in a Chrome browser and not in the Electron browser. From the plugins file, you can filter the list of browsers that are passed inside the config object and then return the list of browsers that you want to be available for selection during cypress open.

UPDATE (21 May): Microsoft has officially released the preview version of its Chromium-based Edge browser for macOS and it's available for download from the Microsoft Edge Insider website (opens in new tab) now. Mac keyboard shortcuts, and Touch Bar and trackpad support are also in the pipeline. 350c69d7ab


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