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Digital Marketing: A Practical Approach UPDATED

Digital Marketing: A Practical Approach provides a step-by-step and comprehensive guide to implementing the key aspects of digital marketing. Building on the previous editions, this fully updated fourth edition takes an approach that prepares students for an active role in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing: A Practical Approach

Written as an accessible guide to equip you for the digital element of any contemporary marketing role, Digital Marketing covers all the key topics including search engine optimization and social media marketing. With real-world case studies to illustrate digital marketing in practice and exercises to help you analyse, plan and execute effective strategies within the workplace, this practical resource will prepare you to undertake digital marketing across a variety of organizations.

This free Digital Marketing course with certificate is a 2-hour online course covering the various aspects of Digital Marketing. It begins with the explanation of Digital Marketing and how it has become prominent with the evolution of the internet. With the help of several use cases, you will be taught how to implement Digital Marketing. Next, you will be introduced to the various types of Digital Marketing, and each type will be individually explained in the separate modules of this course. In the end, a demo will be given on SEO approaches, content approaches, and YouTube Marketing. This would help you to understand various aspects of Digital Marketing through a practical approach. The knowledge gained during the course will be tested in a quiz, after which you will be awarded a certificate of completion for this free Digital Marketing course.

Simon Kingsnorth brings digital marketing strategy to life through best practice case studies, illustrations, checklists and summaries, to give you insightful and practical guidance. Rather than presenting a restrictive 'one size fits all' model, this book gives you the tools to tailor-make your own strategy according to your unique business needs and demonstrates how an integrated and holistic approach to marketing leads to greater success. Digital Marketing Strategy is also supported by a wealth of online resources, including budget and strategy templates, lecture slides and a bonus chapter.

After reading this book - and completing the exercises within it - the reader will be equipped to undertake any digital marketing role within a variety of organizations. The practical case-study exercises - based on theory and recognized good practice - will ensure that readers will be able to analyse situations within the work place, identify the most appropriate course of action and implement the strategies and tactics that will help the organization meet its online objectives.

This course has been created keeping entrepreneurs in mind, hence the course lectures takes the student through a journey starting from the basics to the advanced methodologies of Digital Marketing, through this course you can not only understand the concept of digital marketing but you will also learn different digital marketing strategies & how to apply them, you will also learn, how you can develop your own website all by yourself without any coding skills. The course takes a very practical approach towards online marketing and how you can apply them in your own business to increase exposure of your business in the online arena. You will be able to learn about the various do's and don'ts of online marketing through practical scenarios.

E-Business has emerged in the last several decades as a new 'approach' to doing business, as opposed to the traditional non-digital approach to doing business. Digital marketing is a subset of e-business. This unit will give students both the theoretical and practical understanding of the Internet marketplace necessary to adapt to the many changes while also equipping them with the skills they will need to perform vital daily functions as a digital marketing specialist. The unit also ensures that the use of technology to facilitate marketing activities does not disadvantage vulnerable consumer segments in the marketplace. Some of the key concepts students would study in this unit are: web analytics, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and online reputation management.

This unit takes an active learning approach to guide students in the development, knowledge and processes utilised by organisations in designing, and implementing digital marketing strategies. The learner is able to explore the knowledge base underpinning digital marketing theory, concepts and practices in a series of workshops. These workshops are designed to support students to actively participate in the development of their knowledge, both individually and in groups. By participating in these workshops, students will develop an understanding of the different types of digital marketing approaches, and the key activities performed by digital marketers. This unit takes a collaborative learning approach within the workshop through a series of lectures, discussions and examples. This approach is designed for students to develop critical and reflective skills in an independent and group environment.

MK 232 INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MARKETING 3.0 Credit(s) This survey course set the groundwork for understanding the digital marketing domain. The dynamic nature of digital marketing and its increasing importance are discussed in both a theoretical and practical context. Concepts learned in this course include search engine optimizatopm, search engine marketing, online advertising, web analytics, email marketing, and reputation management. Prerequisite: Take MK-201Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters All Years

MK 238 SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR DESIGN 3.0 Credit(s) This course offers a practical application of graphic design concepts for marketing objectives. Students will learn to manipulate scanned images and digital photographs in preparation for publication layout and design, to create single and multipage marketing publications (e.g., brochures, advertisements, flyers), and to design and publish commercial websites. The course provides students with hands-on experience in the use of state-of-the-art design tools such as Photoshop, InDesign (Publisher), and Dreamweaver. Prerequisite: Take MK-201Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters All Years

MK 339 DIGITAL MARKETING ANALYTICS 3.0 Credit(s) This course emphasizes the analytical nature of data and information that is required in modern-day marketing for better decision-making. Understanding both the theoretical and the practical nature of digital marketing, along with developing the skillset necessary for success in the industry, are the primary goals of this course. Prerequisite: Take MK-232 or MK-334Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters All Years

MK 652 WEB DESIGN FROM A MKTG PERSPECTIVE 3.0 Credit(s) As organizations fully embrace a digitally-led, experience-driven economy, the lines between design, technology, and business have blurred more than ever. It's important for us to understand where they come together and learn how we as digital marketers can build our own foundation for using it to create compelling digital experiences that drive demand for brands. In this course, students will be taken on a journey through the modern web design process with the goal of giving students some hands-on design experience and a practical understanding for how to approach websites using modern-day marketing strategies Offered: As Needed Contact Department

MK 672 INTRODUCTION TO BIG DATA 3.0 Credit(s) This course will present a practical approach to the process of decision-making using big datasets as a result of acquired or aggregated data. Prerequisite: Take MK-661, MK-670Offered: As Needed Contact Department

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Weasley Donahue presents a practical guidebook for managers and individuals looking for a resource for professional development. A primary goal is to help the reader become a competent manager by providing tools and content in a structured way that allows the learner to work through issues that are important to them in becoming a more proficient and effective manager. This is a candid and dynamic book with easy-to-follow content. The workbook approach supports my notion of self-directed learning with a focus on competencies and helps the reader derive the most personally important competency areas in an organizational setting.

David Whetten and Kim Cameron have written many books about management skills and are well-known for their practical approach. During my years as a college professor, I used their books in teaching. The book discusses the essential skills that managers need to be successful. The book also takes a hands-on approach and provides practical application that any manager, new or more experienced, can use. Developing Management Skills uses contemporary examples and also groups the skills to help readers understand how skills relate to one another.

Small business owners need to hire business specialists as a practical approach to scaffold a hole in information and abilities inside, of their organization, or an as an approach to bring a new, goal, and expert viewpoint to the organization. 041b061a72


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